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Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu hit out at the manner in which Neymar opted to leave the club and confirmed that they have reported the transfer to UEFA.
The Catalan club did what they could to try and persuade the Brazilian to stay but he was already sure that his future was at Paris Saint Germain who paid his buy-out clause of 222 million euros.
"Neymar is now history and he wanted to go," Bartomeu told a meeting of Barcelona fans' groups in the Lazio nya tröja city.
"He could have been clearer before and the way things were done was not right.
"There are ways to do things, no one can be bigger than the club and we have reported the move to UEFA."
The Barca chief says that they felt there was a possibility of Neymar wanting to leave.
""We thought there was a chance that Neymar could go and for that reason we raised his buy-out clause," he said.
"Now we are looking for alternatives and whatever happened here it is in the end good for Barca because if he stayed then we have a great player and if he goes then we bring in a lot of money.
"The 222 million euros we will spend sensibly, strictly and wisely. It will be used to improve the club and with this it means that we are in a great position to sign players.
"This year there will not be a trident but we can now talk about a team. We will bring Napoli nya tröja in players, the first has been Semedo but there will be more."
Bartomeu also tried to put PSG in their place insinuating there is more than money to having a great club
"We are a club with 118 years of history, great players, over 140,000 members, it is ours... the members and not owned by a sheikh or an oligarch," he said.
"The loyalty shown by Leo Messi or Andres Iniesta should be an example. Leo Messi continues to be the leader of this side."

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