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"There aren't a lot of areas for kids to play now, so we have to take them to play with in the indoor playground." Citizen Chen, whose son is 5 years old, often takes her child to play at the children's playground at the mall or grocery store. There aren't any large indoor entertainment equipment, so that she doesn't have to fret about if the kid would like to play or not.
At present, many large shopping malls or supermarkets have supplied specific areas for children's activities, and set up centers like spinning bucket music, sea ball, cassia seed sand pile, etc., it's becoming the favourite location for children to see during vacations. At precisely the same time, many parents have doubts about the health and safety of those indoor park facilities.
The state of this playground is worrying
With the progress of business renewal, all the shopping malls and supermarkets regard children's amusement as the standard job for investment attraction. In these children's playgrounds, plastic slides, swings, trampolines, vinyl ball pools, wooden horses and various electronic amusement equipment and other entertainment facilities are accessible, attracting many parents to take their children to perform, the company is very rewarding.
Even though there are health guidelines and entry requirements posted on the walls of the playground, kids who come to play just should remove their shoes and place them outside the playground before enteringand no other health threshold is observed. But health, safety and access standards of different entertainment places vary, and only a few public disinfection documents are readily available.
Health and safety supervision is almost blank
Consequently, the principal reason for the safety, health risks and other issues in children's play areas is the absence of standards. At present, large amusement rides have national safety standards, while little children's amusement rides have no safety standards concerning facilities or service. Supermarkets, shopping malls and other connected indoor children's amusement places don't have relevant security regulations.
Public amusement parks, particularly indoor amusement parks setup by large scale shopping malls and catering associations, will be the principal areas where children's hands, foot and mouth disease and other diseases are spread. Toys and amenities in children's entertainment parks are easy to breed various germs if they aren't cleaned and cleaned timely since children often touch them.
It's advised that parents should take their kids to squares, parks and other outdoor public areas to play. If the child needs to play at the childrens indoor play equipment suppliers children's park, promptly following the play to take the kid to wash their hands, in order to guard the child's health.
Deficiency of relevant laws and regulations is also the reason the regulatory authorities and companies can not refer to uniform criteria of disinfection. With the coming of the"11 little vacation", more kids will go to the amusement park to play, climb, grab and eat, and also have intimate contact with all the entertainment facilities. Nearly all parents hope that applicable regulations could be issued as soon as possible.